Spotlight on Comments

Comments are the motivating force that springboards blogging into action and thoughtful responses that promote collaboration and thinking. Comments foster discussion. You will get comments! You will give comments! Many times, comments are the convesation starters that lead us to reflective thinking. My previous students who blogged often say comments are the best feature of blogs.



Here are a few samples:

Jason's post, Black's the New Grey, brought about comments of interest and even one comment from a licensed wildlife custodian.


Patrick's post,5thGrade brought many encouraging and supportive comments.


De ja' vu is Zachary's post that prompted comments full of links to further his knowledge.


Now, read this post from a well-known commenter, Lani Ritter Hall. The title of the post is The Art and Aspirations of a CommenterIt is excellent! I know you will strive to live up to these inspiring guidelines!


Reflections on Commenting from University Students


Teacher A: I think...